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SRG Clears it’s Name from the Mark Greget and “The Greget Group”

Summit Realty Group has won the case against Mark Greget and “The Greget Group”. Mark Greget has been found guilty of Codes 10139 (acting or advertising as a broker without a license) 10176 (a) (Substantial misrepresentation) 10177 (j) (fraud or dishonest dealings) 10177 (d) (violation of the real estate law) and/or 10177 (g) (negligence). The California Department of Real Estate is currently pursuing disciplinary action against Mark Greget which will most likely result in the revocation of Mark Greget’s California Real Estate License.

Mark Greget has previously posted false and defamatory comments on various websites stating Summit Realty Group is unethical and that the broker, John Manno, is “psychotic”. The truth to the matter is that Mark Greget was in a desperate state of mind and was saying and/or doing anything possible to scare or even strong arm Summit Realty Group into dropping charges being brought up against him. His comments posted on various internet sites are reinforcement to the fact that Mark Greget is an unethical businessman and a prime example of how every licensed real estate person who calls themselves a Realtor® should not conduct their business.

This case is also a prime example of how Summit Realty Group does not condone unethical behavior of their agents and that through the use of technology, Summit Realty Group has the ability to efficiently monitor agents and their transactions much more closely than other brokerages. View a copy of the case filed by the California Department of Real Estate.  Summit Realty Group wins Case


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